Rushing an East African Federation?

Loud Thoughts

I’m not trying to paint a negative picture about the formation of the East African Community but today we are discussing statistics not initiatives.

In theory, integration of countries is beneficial but a case by case study may reveal that in some instances, a rush is more detrimental. The question therefore is not whether the formation of the East African Community is essential, the question is are whether we ready?

Three years ago Kenya’s unemployment rate reached an all-time high of 40% (and we are not even talking about disguised unemployment). In 2014, 70% of the young working class – almost 10 million people – were unemployed. Africa Development Indicators report released by the World Bank placed youth unemployment in Uganda at 83%. Tanzania’s unemployment rate is just over 10% and that of Rwanda is about 3%.

There is a whole story behind those figures (on how low employment rate…

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