On Being A Third Party Citizen

Mambokadzi District

There are fewer experiences more taxing on one’s soul than being an immigrant. The experience of being an immigrant conjures up its own familiarities to homesickness, culture shock and relearning how to navigate through your new community.

I was born in Zimbabwe and shortly after, my father moved to Botswana to practice law. My mother and I soon followed and never left, rendering me a third party citizen. Being a third-party citizen is one of the hardest things in life. For one, you struggle with identifying with either side. In my host country, I am seen as an outsider because I don’t bear cultural heritage and citizenry of that country; while my home country sees me as an outsider because I never got fully immersed into my own culture.

Being a third-party citizen creates an inner identity crisis. You find yourself trying to fit in with your new surroundings but…

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