#Kwibuka21: The perfect selfie spot for the young generation?

It's A Thing Called Life | By Dominique Alonga

I might be stoned to death because of this post but please let me finish first. I told my friends I would blog about this and they gave me the eye (That’s another blog).

Kwibuka is a very sad period for most people in Rwanda. I know because my birthday is eight days away and people are just never in the mood to celebrate. I know because too many innocent people died and there are too many wounds that are yet to be healed. I know because my mom will never know half of her extended family. I know because most of my friend either have one parent or none. I know because I had to support my friend who recently found her father’s body burry him elsewhere. I know because I look at my friend’s scarred face; she was only five, a grenade blew up in the church…

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