#Lexivism: It’s a Movement.

The Spider Kid's Blog

Movements seem to be popular these days, don’t they? Especially on the Ghanaian internet (#Kpakpakpa).

Well, why not start my own, for something that has truly been dear to my heart for at least a year now? Yes…words. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the word: “lexivist.” *waits for the applause I deserve for creating my own word again*

Lexivist: a mashup of two words: ‘lexi-‘ (which is more of a prefix, anyway) and ‘activist’. I suppose it’s easy for you to guess what this word means now, but in case the ‘lexi-‘ part is confusing you…

Lexi is the thing that’s the prefix in a lot of cool words, like lexicon (the vocabulary of a person, language or branch of knowledge), lexis (the total stock of words in a language), lexophile (a lover of words, whose more formal version is logophile). So lexi just means, simply, related to words.

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