Chinese in Namibia

Candidly Yours 🤔

There were more than 5000 Chinese in Namibia by the year 2009. The number has tremendously grown from Independence to date.

Without official statistics, it is only fair to speculate that the number could now be at 30 000 to 50 000 given opposition politicians claim that there have been uncontrollable issuance of work permits to these Asian natives.

This scenario is quite common in Africa just as it is in Namibia. It is estimated that there is 1 million Chinese are currently building an empire in Africa, with the ultimate goal to have at least 20 million Chinese in Africa by the year 2050. Well that’s from their Africa Foreign Policy.

This mass migration has enabled trade between the continent and China to amass to a large extend. The reason for all this is really just about the relations that the country has with the entire continent.

But hey…

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