Lost in that place

My stories, some true, some lies

Sometimes as young people we are drunk on our juvenescence, It makes us feel as though we are immortal. I am not sure why, maybe it’s the boundless energy or maybe just the fact that nowadays when this stupendous wheel of energy runs out, a quick pick-me-up is just a Red-bull away. And then, the party goes on. Being a youth, I hate solemn sober times. I just want to be happy, I want to float away in the many oceans of bliss provided by alcohol and his many brethrens.

I was born into a generation where the working weekends were celebrated by congregating at music temples modelled like discos. At these temples we spend all Friday night drinking ourselves to an ecstatic state. We dance the whole night in exhortation to the god of pleasure and if our bodies can still take more, we retreat at times with total…

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