Letter to Mugabe on his comment: “I don’t want to see white.”

Concerned SA Citizen

As a white citizen of South Africa I take serious offence to your uncalled comments on national television “I don’t want to see white” and see it as an insult to white South African citizens. If you were running your country better and were not so selfish and self-righteous, not so many Zimbabwean citizens would be coming to South Africa, looking for work. You live in a mansion, drive around in expensive cars and eat expensive food while your country suffers. Why would you bother creating jobs for your people when you can rather focus on securing your own interests?

I want to take this opportunity to enlighten you on facts that you either deliberately, or due to your stupidity, do not notice. Firstly: the clothes you wear, the cars you drive and the television shows you probably watch were all created by a white person. Don’t be a hypocrite…

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