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Chronicles of a Third World Elite

The truth of the matter is, the ethnic bias is very much alive in Burundi. It’s not just alive; it’s legal, considering that it’s in our constitution. The Hutu get 60% of the “power” (representation in the government and parliament) while the Tutsi get 40%. (In the mix, 30% at least must be women and the Batwa must be included somehow, although it’s not clear whom between the Hutu and the Tutsi must give up their place for them… anyway). How do they know who is what? Well, you state it. I had to, in writing, when applying for my job in the public sector. It sucks, I know… although I believe the power sharing agreement was necessary to create some sort of balance that helped get us out of the civil war. Sadly it’s starting to look like we’re losing the balance dangerously… #MerciNkurunziza. Mxim.

Everyone agrees that these…

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