gfffaAm in my usual rendezvous, watching a dull Chelsea game with my usual suspects. Eden Hazard dives and there you go, they have a penalty and a trophy. How so! Anyway, during the 90 minutes of play, I am distracted by this unusual couple. Well, the word ‘unusual’ may be relative, since I’m the only patron in this room, who seem to roll eyes in anguish. Blame the rest for the so called civilization.

Here’s the thing, right opposite me, sits an old mzungu with a very young girl. She looks 13. She could be in form 1. But as they say, looks may be deceiving. She may be 19, you know! With this petite people, (including me, haha) you’re never too sure of their age bracket. To cut a long story short, this lass looks damn young. She has this pierced nose, at least she’s brave to withstand that…

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