Africadayz has been silenced by a low-level but pervasive sense of sadness over the past few months.  Since in all my posts, I try to find at least a glimmer of gold at the Rainbow’s end, it’s been difficult to write this one because, over the last little while, from my perspective, there’s not been the smallest sign of it.

Where did it all start to unravel?  Was it with the ever-increasing load-shedding; with the defacement and the removal of the statue of Cecil John Rhodes from UCT campus or was it with the latest – and ongoing – outbreak of Xenophobia?  It’s hard to say.

About a week ago, over dinner, someone mentioned ‘boiling frogs’ and my very literate sister, who has lived abroad for the past 40-something years, did not know or understand the expression.  Dictionaries explain ‘boiling frog syndrome’ as being an anecdote describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. …

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