So our “Celebrities ” will be holding a Dumsor vigil on the 16th of May. Hmm! Does that mean the Government will give us light or fix the crisis on 17th May? I am only being curious. I have watched and listened with Keen interest the battling of words, the writing of letters, the insults and the blame game that is going on with regards to this whole dumsor crisis. Clearly we are all tired and not happy with the current situation. To probably make matters worse is how our “Communications Expert” and his team of “Communicators” are responding to issues on the crisis.

This notwithstanding, Lydia Forson comparing the President to a dull school boy is neither here nor there. We may have our stance on this dumsor crisis but I think our celebrities should give Ghanaians a break! If Occupy Ghana and many cries from different angles did…

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