If You Precede…


Life is fickle. Death is eternal and cruel. Some of us being true believers see life after cremation but that doesn’t make the passing of a loved one any easier. It is tormenting. It is cruel. It is painful.

We will all be it’s guest one day but since no one knows the hour or the minute, I everyday ask God to keep me a little longer in an effort to fulfil His plan on my life..

If you happen to go before me;

Don’t forget to say hallo to Jomo senior. Tell him that his son is now king and he is being deputised by a forever corrupt Kalenjin. Tell him that UK is doing his best as others tirelessly try to pull him down.

Tell Jomo that Uhuru amesema gazeti ni za kufunga nyama. That not withstanding, he has made the People Daily free of charge to tell…

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