A letter to the President, from a mother…

The diary of a revolution

Mr. President, when you tell us that you have further plans for our country for the next five years, I understand that you want to take us, citizens of Burundi, to 2020 with a vision of a united democratic country.

Mr. President, I have a few things that I need to understand: will the hope of a united nation live on to the confusion? Will the wellbeing of our children be assured, despite the fact that schools are closed and other social services are on a standstill? Will Burundians hold on to the once strongly held pride of belonging to a beautiful green mountainous country?

Mr. President, after the Arusha Peace Agreement, Burundians slowly overcame the ethnic divide, and timidly, we set out together on a journey of healing our wounds and scars. Hopes and dreams began to spring in the hearts and minds of our youth. If today, any…

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